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Shinjiro: Redefining ‘izakaya’ dining

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By Buro247

Shinjiro: Redefining ‘izakaya’ dining

Shinjiro gives out an unpretentious vibe and the vibrant colours that spring off its walls will surely attract unassuming diners into its artfully designed space. On one side of the restaurant, there are rotating boards that will instantly change the look and feel of the restaurant to add more variety to its Hokusai-inspired design. We love the idea of the customised table with a small compartment beneath the table top where you can find your menu. This comes in handy so you won’t have to ask the servers for the menu after every set of skewers you are sure to devour quickly. 

With beautiful and elegant plates, Shinjiro sets out to redefine the rules of ‘izakaya’ dining, where food is simple and comes at a slow pace. At Shinjiro, diners can expect well conceptualised dishes that look as wonderful as they taste and arrive at impressive speeds. The highlight at Shinjiro is their yakitori and diners who are not familiar with ordering individual skewers can choose from the Skewer Sets that have been designed to include their most popular skewers.

For those with bigger appetites, Shinjiro offers other delectable fares such as rice bowls and pastas. Its comprehensive menu also includes creative soups and beautiful salads. A must-try is Shinjiro’s unique interpretation of a salmon avocado salad with fresh and thick cuts of salmon, light summer vegetables, tofu, avocado, and edible flowers. 

We recommend that you top off your meal with the delicious mochi dessert, served on a plate that bursts with colour and unique flavours. Each mochi sits on a bed of chocolate and when paired with the fruits on the plate makes for a textural delight. With dishes as colourful as the restaurant, Shinjiro is a great place to lift your spirits and have a good time with your friends and family in this refined ‘izakaya’ restaurant.



Shinjiro. Lot G-06, Ground Floor, Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya.

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