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Embark on a gastronomy journey tailored to your element at Lafite


By Su Fen Tan

Embark on a gastronomy journey tailored to your element at Lafite

East meets West, tradition meets innovation in Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s latest dining experience: Five Elements. While the philosophy of Five Elements is rooted in tradition, this unique pop-up concept finds inspiration in contemporary techniques.

Drawing upon the age-old theory, Executive Chef Olivier Pistre has created five unique menus tailored to each element — Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  “The cuisine is based on fresh, top quality produce prepared in a traditional fashion but drawing on the latest techniques,” says Chef Olivier. “I want to create an imaginary type of dish to provide a sensitive, generous and fully emotional dining experience.”


Upon arrival at the restaurant, diners will be prompted to enter their date of birth onto an iPad, which will then reveal your element. From hereon, you can choose to either embark on a two- or three-course meal curated for your element, or simply mix and match the courses to your taste and desire.


While my element is Water, I opted for different dishes just so I could get a little taste across the menus, beginning with the intriguing Wood starter of escargot crommequis with Thai salad and spicy shrimp — the latter component being my favourite in the form of delicious bite-sized liquid balls. For mains, the grilled octopus from the Water menu proved to be a worthy choice, served with slow-cooked Japanese black garlic, arugula pesto, corn cream and shaved Pecorino Romano on top for a beautiful medley of flavours and texture. My meal ended on a fiery (literally) note with the Fire dessert of Omelette Norvégienne (Baked Alaska) flambéd with rum.


Courses range from RM42 (desserts) to RM158 (main courses) each. Rounding up the experience is a list of cocktail (RM62) and wine (RM70) recommendations for each element. The Five Elements pop-up dining experience at Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur is now available until 24 November.


To make a reservation or for more information, visit the website.

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