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Dom Perignon Decoded with Ferran Adria

Experimental and unique


By Buro247

Dom Perignon Decoded with Ferran Adria

Attempting to create memorable experiences and to explore different ways to enjoy Dom Pérignon, the brand’s Chef de Cave, Richard Geoffroy, together with renowned chef Ferran Adrià have started out a three-year collaboration called Dom Pérignon Decoding.

Under Ferran’s elBullifoundation, Dom Pérignon set up a laboratory where experimenting and development of ideas between the two brilliant minds have occured. The project aims to understand and define the uniqueness of the champagne.

The tomato and olive airbag "snack" during the 'This Is Not A Dinner' event

Oysters with walnuts and seaweed snack at the 'This Is Not A Dinner' event

In celebration of the project, an event titled ‘This Is Not A Dinner’ was held in Palo Alto market in Barcelona where guests got their first taste of the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005 and sampled 29 varieties of “snacks”.  

The “luxury snacks” are available from May 2015 onwards at selected outlets worldwide.

More information about Dom Perignon Decoding and the elBullifoundation can be found at and

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