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Dinner party essentials: Unique tableware

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By Buro247

Dinner party essentials: Unique tableware

There are many ways to measure the success of a dinner party and one of them is attributed to how well your guests get along at the dinner table. Nothing is more awkward than a group of strangers sitting together with barely anything to talk about. These 4 unique plate collections made with bone china will not only make for a luxurious setting but are also great conversation starters at any dinner party. 


1. The Hybrid Collection Plates by Seletti

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A combination of very distinct designs, these dinner plates look like two plates joined together in the middle. Designed by CTRLZAK, the Hybrid collection shows the divergence of Eastern and Western designs in the same piece. The contrast in the shape and colours on both sides of the plates will definitely make a great conversation piece. 


2. The Acts of Daring Plates by Melody Rose

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This collection of plates gathers its inspiration from the thrills and excitement of circus life. From stunning and intricate drawings of trapeze artists to detailed illustrations of a daring couple on the high wire, these plates will definitely inspire the imagination and creativity of your dinner guests, setting the mood for a fun filled night of reminiscing and storytelling. 


3. Octagonal Arris Plates by Wedgewood

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The unique octagonal shape of this plate will immediately stand out to your dinner guests. In accordance with Wedgwood Studio’s design ethos, these plates merge traditional and modern influences to produce wonderfully proportioned and gracefully detailed plates. Add a touch of luxury to your dinner party with these plates.


4. Eclectic Avenue Plates by People Will Always Need Plates

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Inspired by modernism, the simplicity of these plates are what makes them unique. The vibrant colours that serve as the backdrop to artistic interpretations of homes in different eras make the simple illustrations on the plates stand out. These plates will definitely be a favourite amongst architecture buffs.


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