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Buro Orders: The Colonial Chilli Crab at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur


By Rachel Au

Buro Orders: The Colonial Chilli Crab at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Is it pure coincidence that this July-only menu is synonymous with the creature that represents this month’s horoscope? Regardless, we’re always up for a crabby time, especially if it’s chilli crab. For this exclusive menu, Chef Ricky Chiang promises to deliver an authentic Hainanese influence so we headed over to The Colonial Cafe to see the extent of that promise. The 2-course menu includes a starter and a choice between two mains.



Hainanese Cucumber Noodles Salad With Shredded Chicken

Chef Ricky might be trying to pace guests for the main event. The cucumber as the key ingredient is refreshing but topped with chilli sauce and shredded chicken, it only reminds us of Hainanese chicken rice.


The Classic Chilli Mud Crab

The sight of this dish was overwhelming but in a good way. First thought: How were we going to devour this beastly-sized crab? Second thought: We’re going to make a mess. Third thought: Well, it’s a very generous portion. While the flesh is fresh and succulent, the highlight is the sauce — it had just the right amount of spiciness, sweetness and tanginess, enough to leave us wanting more. Dip it with the accompanying golden, crispy toasted mantao buns and it’ll complete a satisfying meal.


Alternatively, you can opt for…


The King Crab Pasta

At a glance, the other main may look more tempting but don’t underestimate Chef Ricky’s marriage of homemade aglio olio spaghettini and chilli crab sauce. You do get several parts of the crab, which can be easily, and beautifully, pulled out from the shell; but the rest of it seems to be minced into the sauce. You’ll be done before you know it.


The Colonial Chilli Crab menu is priced at RM180 nett and is available this month only on Fridays till Sundays. For more info, visit their website and Facebook.

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