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#CheatDayEats: Salted egg yolk croissants

A golden delight


By Rachel Au

#CheatDayEats: Salted egg yolk croissants

What’s better than a soft, buttery croissant? A croissant with molten salted egg yolk in it! The hype began in November 2015 at one particular bakery and since then, we’ve found two other places that serve this sinful treat, making it more easily obtainable (there was always either a long queue at that one store or it gets sold out fast) so take your pick on your next cheat day


Le Bread Days, SS2

le bread days salted egg yolk croissants

As the first bakery that sparked the salted egg yolk croissant craze, it’s only expected that Le Bread Days would become the benchmark and theirs is just fluffy with layers of pastry with enough custard to go with every bite. The toppings also add a sweet touch to the slight savoury taste.


Bake Plan, SS2

bake plan ss2 salted egg yolk croissants

Bake Plan has thus far received the highest praise for their version of the molten salted egg yolk croissants; simply because they have a beautiful golden colour, are absolutely crispy and the custard within is smooth and ultra rich in that addictive pungent flavour. 


The Bread Shop, Damansara Heights

the bread shop damansara salted egg croissants

For starters, the salted egg yolk croissants at The Bread Shop take a different shape from the previous two. They’re also lighter in taste—being more milky and creamy rather than a strong salted egg yolk flavour. 


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