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#CheatDayEats: Pancakes

Stack ‘em up


By Buro247

#CheatDayEats: Pancakes

Nothing beats a stack of fluffy pancakes. The versatility of a pancake makes experimenting with different flavour profiles and toppings really easy and fun. From the classically sweet to the uniquely savoury, these 3 pancake stacks are a must-try for all pancake lovers.


1. Yellow Brick Road 

Thanks to their counterpart, Wicked Pancake Parlour, this cafe serves the the most comprehensive variety of pancakes. From sweet to savoury, all their pancakes are spot on in flavour and fluffiness. However, if you have a hankering for something savoury, we would recommend the Lucky Takoyaki that is generously topped with takoyaki sauce, bonito flakes, japanese mayo, seaweed, fresh prawns and salmon roe. 


2. Metal Box Cafe

We love the tall stack of Guiness Pancakes from Metal Box Cafe. Just one look and you can tell that your pancakes are going to be perfectly soft and fluffy. The Guiness glaze over the pancakes add a slight bitterness to the pancakes, but mixed with the shot of Gula Melaka, the berry coulis and peach cubes, the pancakes transform into a wonderfully sweet treat. 


3. Mr. & Ms. Cafe


The Butterscotch Pancakes at Mr. & Ms. Cafe remains a bestseller on their menu and for good reason — it does not get any more traditional than this. The pancakes are made with a rich butterscotch batter that becomes light and fluffy on the girdle. The pancakes are then stacked high and topped with strawberries, blueberries, and banana with a generous drizzle of maple syrup. 

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