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#CheatDayEats: New salted egg yolk dishes

Can’t get enough


By Rachel Au

#CheatDayEats: New salted egg yolk dishes

Have you had enough of anything related to salted egg yolk? If you haven’t, then read on for what will be the last of our salted egg yolk craze (see here for the bakeries that sell salted egg yolk croissants and here for the places that serve salted egg yolk desserts). It turns out savoury dishes in KL have also been been dabbled with the magic golden egg. 


Sweet potato fries with salted egg yolk dip at AMPM Cafe, Subang Jaya

ampm cafe salted egg dip sweet potato fries

Who knew you could turn salted egg yolk into a dip? The people at AMPM Cafe thought about it, at least and matched it with not just your average French fries, but sweet potato fries. The combo makes a perfect snack or appetiser and you’ll probably leave the cafe wondering if you can recreate it at home. 


Salted egg yolk burger a.k.a The Ultraman Burger at myBurgerLab

myburgerlab salted egg yolk burger

KL’s favourite local burger joint has finally jumped on the bandwagon, went through various experiments and food tastings to debut a salted egg yolk burger! In true myBurgerLab fashion, they gave it the wacky name Ultraman Tiga and it has been doing so well, it gets sold out every day. If you don’t want to miss out, be sure to book it in advance


Salted egg yolk pumpkin pasta at Simplyd

simplyd salted egg pumpkin pasta

For a mere tinge of that salted egg yolk taste in your meal, incorporating it into your pasta is a pretty good idea. You can choose what type of pasta you prefer although the option of soba noodles is quite interesting. Simplyd certainly makes eating vegetarian simply delicious. 


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