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#CheatDayEats: Milkshakes

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By Su Fen Tan

#CheatDayEats: Milkshakes

Let your workout regimes take the back seat for a moment. From classic milkshakes to ones loaded with sinfully sweet goodness, here are 3 places to get your creamy sweet tooth fix:


1. Milkshake Bros

Founded by three milkshake-loving (you guessed it) brothers, Milkshake Bros takes utmost pride in their handcrafted milkshakes. Serving up classics like vanilla, chocolate, and choco chip mint, they also offer refreshing options with their fruit milkshakes. A crowd favourite is the Vanilla Cookie milkshake. 


2. Quartet 

Not just a great place for brunch, Quartet at TTDI also proves to be a maestro at milkshakes. Feeling wary of the calories? You’re in luck because here you’ll find a healthy line of milkshakes on top of the usual suspects. If a chocolate milkshake with forest berries sounds too rich, the Crunchy Almond milkshake will make a delicious alternative.


3. Garage 51

Here is where you’ll meet the Messed Up Family—Garage 51’s range of sinfully rich and messy (in the best way possible) artisanal milkshakes for the ultimate indulgence. Featuring flavours like nutella with hints of hazelnut and refreshing green tea with honey, prepare your taste buds for a sweet, creamy adventure.


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