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#CheatDayEats: Croissants

So buttery, so good


By Buro247

#CheatDayEats: Croissants

Making croissants is an art and bakers take years of practice to achieve the perfect texture and consistency. These 3 bakeries seem to have perfected that art and have taken it a step further by offering their customers different ways of eating this melt-in-your-mouth goodness. 


1. Les Deux Garcons

The head baker of Les Deux Garcons has incredibly high standards when it comes to making croissants and his croissants never fall short of perfection. Once known as the best croissants in Kuala Lumpur, the croissants from Les Deux Garcons is so good that it will make you question every other croissant you’ve tasted before.


2. Kenny Hills Bakers

The croissants are the star of the show in this quaint and rustic establishment that offers a wide array of delectable baked goods. Available in classic, almond, and rich Belgian chocolate, these croissants will make it hard for you to stop at just one piece. 


3. Croissant Delicatessen 


This small and simple cafe offers croissants in may forms. From savoury sandwiches to sweet dessert concoctions, there is always an exciting way of enjoying your croissants here. The croissants here come in four unique flavours — classic, garlic, pumpkin and wasabi — and they are just as good eaten on its own.

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