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#BuroDiningGuide: 7 dessert spots to curb those sugar cravings

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#BuroDiningGuide: 7 dessert spots to curb those sugar cravings

1. Shugatori

Pillowy and fluffy; creamy and smooth—the signature ‘Yin and Yang’ at Shugatory presents none of the opposing elements its name suggests. Instead, textures and flavours mingle in perfect harmony with every mouthful. Comprised of classic and charcoal toast topped with a cloud of airy meringue, each cushy bite is accompanied by a cooling dollop of cookies and cream ice-cream and a subtle chocolate smear. Another notable dish to check out: the Red Velvet Pancake Stack, with lemon mousse, hokey pokey ice-cream and caramel sauce.


2. Fiskee Dough

Final binge before the new year’s resolutions? This is the place for you. Stacks of deep fried dough are crowned with a frosty scoop of ice-cream. Pictured above: three varieties of Fiskee’s doughnuts and green tea ice-cream finished off with sprigs of rosemary and a drizzle of their ‘moo-juice’ sauce. If the whole tower of indulgence too extreme a feat to conquer, a single warm and toasty doughnut ‘a la mode’ will hit the spot just right.


3. Foo Foo Fine Desserts

Helmed by an alumnus of Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, the finery of the confectionery at this spot is what takes the cake. Amongst the many delectable desserts available, most cannot help but gravitate towards Chef Foo’s adorable presentation of these three goodness-packed globules. Melting scoops of salted caramel coffee ice-cream sandwiched between light profiterole hemispheres offers the slightest crunch before your palate is greeted with the pillow-soft insides and luscious ice-cream.


4. Dessert Bar by Stanley Choong

Yet another pastry maestro churned out by the exemplary Le Cordon Bleu campus, it should come as no surprise that regardless of your pick from Chef Stanley Choong’s menu, it’s bound to be a ‘choux win’. If the sounds of spiced craquelin choux buns filled with caramelised apples folded in creme diplomat with nuances of Grand Marnier; or yuzu cake with crunchy salted caramelized hazelnuts and flaked almonds, topped with rich belgian chocolate mousse is not enough to draw you in, the shocking pink neon bunny by the door surely will.


5. Xiao by Crustz

Here’s to homegrown talent! Stemming from her experience at a local pastry school and what began as a brave venture operating from her home kitchen, Xiao-ly’s pastry journey has culminated in her very own boutique specialising in delicately crafted French tarts and petit gateau. If you succeed in getting past the extensive display counter of exquisite creations, this charming patisserie à la française offers a rather cosy seating nook as well—perfect for a weekend teatime lounge.


6. Pretty on Plate

Plated desserts are the unmissable temptation on this menu. Injecting some fun into classic plated sweet courses are uber trendy, Insta-worthy syringes that portrude from sugar-glazed or ice-cream topped brioche buns. Also proving picture worthy, dessert samplers with eight mini portions of well-crafted sweet treats—reminiscent of delightful French petit fours.


7. Ballotin Chocolate

This is the #BuroDiningGuide but hey, an elegant black box containing a colourful curation of marbled Valrhona chocolate bonbons would fit perfectly in a #BuroGiftGuide. With over 20 flavours to choose from—think: vanilla infused white ganache with strawberry jelly, Uji matcha ganache, Yuzu ganache, Dulcey ganache with pecan nut, Teh tarik ganache, and 55% dark mint ganache with mint fondant layer—we reckon this could totally count as Christmas shopping.


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