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Brinner is the new brunch: 3 places to get brinner

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By Buro247

Brinner is the new brunch: 3 places to get brinner

Although this food trend is no stranger to breakfast-lovers, restaurant and cafes have started taking it more seriously by offering an all-day breakfast spread on their menus. Having started in New York, this food trend has now spread like wildfire towards the rest of the world. Here are 3 local restaurants where you can enjoy a wonderful brinner at. 


1. The Good Batch

The Portobello Road by The Good Batch

Find breakfast platters inspired by representative ingredients and dishes from countries all over the world at The Good Batch. This cafe, restaurant, and bar is the perfect place to grab a good brinner as they offer all the components that make a excellent brinner: good coffee, wonderful breakfast dishes, and delicious cocktails. Also amazing is their lovely selection of mojitos that will convince you to stay till closing time. 


2. Metal Box

68°C Waffle by Metal Box

If you like alcohol with your breakfast dishes, you will love them infused into your meal at Metal Box. Find the classic Eggs Benedict (aptly renamed the Red Benedict) with a red wine glaze or a stack of fluffy Guinness Pancakes at this unpretentious cafe. What we love about brinner at Metal Box is that even their dessert in conceptualised with breakfast in mind such as the Banananutella Filo Bar. 


3. Tim Ho Wan 

Dim sum spread

Dim sum is a traditional Cantonese breakfast cuisine and having it at Tim Ho Wan is an absolute must. Notoriously known for the long wait to get a table during breakfast and lunch hours, it should be easier to get a seat at this Michelin-starred restaurant for brinner. However, if you are not one to wait, Tim Ho Wan now offers private rooms for reservations. If you are looking for a hearty and satisfying brinner with variety, Tim Ho Wan is a must-try. 

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