Street food with style: Mama San

Street food with style: Mama San

Colonial chic

Street food enthusiast Chef Will Meyrick brings Mama San, a restaurant that draws influence from traditional Asian recipes and colonial heritage, to Malaysia.

Greeting you when you enter this colonial chic restaurant is a huge portrait of a Mama San, a well-known figure in Asian gentlemen’s clubs who is strict but at times indulgent, a madam who takes care of her girls with affection. This is how Chef Will Meyrick, the award-winning founder of this Bali based restaurant, sees himself as he attempts to keep the authenticity of the cuisine culture in the restaurants he manages by learning from women across the region.


Aptly referred to as a kitchen and bar, Mama San is the perfect place to unwind on a Friday night. With their creative interpretation of Asian cuisine and unique cocktails, we could spend hours at this wonderful establishment and here is what a great night at Mama San will look like to us. 




Soft Shell Crab Salad



Pineapple Kaffir Lime Margarita







Vietnamese affogato



Mama San. Lot G-46, Ground Level, Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.