How many Ramadhan and Raya dishes can you recognise?

How many Ramadhan and Raya dishes can you recognise?

Test your foodie knowledge!

Text: Ronn Tan

Image: Getty Images

The Holy month of Ramadhan is currently underway and many Malaysians will be fasting until 24 May, when the Raya celebrations begin. How well do you know the festive dishes that you love?

Food is a major part of Malaysian culture and hence, Malaysians are proud of the delights available in the country. Our local goodies form a massive part of our national identity. But when push comes to shove, can you actually name and identify everything you've seen and ate? It's now time to put your cravings knowledge to the test and find out how well you actually know your traditional festive dishes for the Ramadhan and Raya celebrations.



How well did you score? Hopefully, you learnt a little more about these Ramadhan and Raya dishes. Let's continue to be proud of our delicious and flavourful culinary culture.