7 drool-worthy Instagram feeds to inspire even the laziest of cooks

Feast for the eyes

7 drool-worthy Instagram feeds to inspire even the laziest of cooks
There is no better time than now to get cracking in the kitchen

New year, new chance to attain divinity—in a domestic goddess sense, of course. Amid inevitable resolutions to "get fit" and "be kind", there really should lie a "cook more". Because, if you actually thought about it, knowing and controlling what goes into your body would aid in improving one's fitness and be a kind act towards your health (and wallet, in many cases).

Meal prep may sound like quite a bore if all you have in mind are the three pasta recipes you've memorised and that oven-roasted chicken breast you mastered four Christmases ago. Don't get into a rut before you even start. Since we must all admit to wiling away our leisure time whilst scrolling on a certain photo-sharing platform, why not click follow on the incredibly inspiring people below who could help sprout ideas that go beyond dry lettuce and shredded carrots. Many of the dishes featured on the profiles below even link back to the recipes used to make them!

1. @halfbakedharvest by Tieghan Gerard



2. @abrowntable by Nik Sharma



3. @naturallyella by Erin Alderson


4. @local_milk by Beth Kirby



5. @ladyandpups by Mandy Lee



6. @thefirstmess by Laura Wright



7. @ashrod by Ashley Rodriguez



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Text: Alyssa Lee

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