#BUROWeddings: How Jillian Tan crafts successful weddings and beautiful moments



By Sarah Hani Jamil

Images courtesy of Kami Weddings
#BUROWeddings: How Jillian Tan crafts successful weddings and beautiful moments

Weddings are deeply personal and intimate, and each couple hopes to throw an event reflecting their unique love story. From selecting the perfect location to choosing themes and styles, and incorporating elements of mixed cultures and religions, every aspect of wedding planning adds to the richness of the experience.

In Malaysia, the wedding industry is a thriving billion-ringgit sector. Despite its lucrative nature, not everyone can navigate its complexities successfully. Enter Kami Weddings, a creative agency driven by innovation and originality, boasting a team of experienced planners and designers with a sharp eye for detail. Originating as a stationary and invitation design company, Kami Weddings has seamlessly transitioned into the realm of wedding planning. We had the privilege of speaking with Jillian Tan, its co-founder, who graciously shares insights into the ethos of the business and its unique approach to creating unforgettable wedding experiences. Read the exclusive interview below.



What’s the most challenging part of planning a wedding?

“It’s managing the budget while meeting the couple’s expectations. With fixed budgets, every decision impacts overall spending, requiring careful consideration of each detail. We always try our best to balance the couple’s vision within their budget. Sometimes, this demands strategic prioritisation and creative problem-solving. It’s about finding the proper equilibrium to ensure a successful celebration.”


What’s the craziest event you’ve had to organise?

“We had to plan a wedding within two weeks! Thankfully, it went smoothly.”



Which part of a wedding takes the most planning?

“Finding the right wedding vendors and confirming the best ones for our couples’ big day. As not all vendors are able to do multiple events on a particular day, finding their availability is the most tedious thing to do in wedding planning.”


You also run a floral design studio. Tell us how that came about.

“We decided to start a floral design studio after receiving multiple enquiries from our couples asking if we provide floral designs together with our wedding planning package. Many clients also encouraged us to venture into that as a one-stop service.”



Is there a trend forecast for flowers in 2024?

“We have been into non-floral accents. Incorporating organic, non-floral elements into centrepieces and table scales adds a welcome touch of natural beauty. Our newest picks would be fungi and moss, as they come in different shapes and sizes. Throwing in some fruits would give a pretty and whimsical aesthetic. We also believe in working with more local flowers instead of heavily relying on imported flowers.”


When creating a bouquet, where do you get inspiration from?

“We see floral design as a form of art. We get inspiration from everything we see in our daily lives, including colours and objects.”


What advice would you give new wedding planners and entrepreneurs about the event planning industry?

“Be ready to put in the hard work from the outset. Understand your target audience and what sets you apart. Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, passions, and goals is crucial. Self-awareness is key to building a successful business. With this clarity, you can make informed decisions about who to bring into your team, ensuring they align with your vision and values, ultimately fostering growth.”



What piece of advice would you give to young couples who are planning their wedding?

“Start as early as possible, ideally a year ahead, to avoid any disappointment, as many good vendors tend to get booked quickly. Excellent and experienced vendors really do make all the difference in delivering a successful event.”


How would you describe your personal style?

“Timeless, clean, and minimalistic.”


Who are some designers or event planners that you love?

Humid House and PHKA Studio have got to be my favourite designers.”



Which celebrity wedding has impressed you?

“Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Scott’s wedding. From the details of the couple’s outfits to the Kardashians’ outfits and the chosen venue, it was unique on its own based on the couple’s style and personality.”


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