Clubhouse: 9 Influential and inspirational Malaysian women to follow on 2021's breakout app

Clubhouse: 9 Influential and inspirational Malaysian women to follow on 2021's breakout app

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Text: Adelina Tan

Image: Unsplash

Enrich your Clubhouse experience by expanding the network of people you follow

What do Elon Musk and Tony Fernandes have in common? In 2021, the answer is “they’re both on Clubhouse”. This audio-based social media app’s popularity is partly boosted by an impressive list of high-profile members, and partly by its exclusivity. (Sorry Android users, Clubhouse is currently only available for iOS devices.)

To access Clubhouse, you must be invited by someone within your social circle, who is already an existing Clubhouse user. Once you’re “in”, you’ll be able to drop into any “room” and listen to real-time conversations, request to join the conversation when you’ve got something to say, and join “clubs” relevant to your interests.

Who you follow on Clubhouse matters. The algorithm takes into consideration the interests you’ve specified, plus the people you follow, when showing “rooms” to you. You’ll feel right at home if you enjoy podcasts, TED Talks and the professional networking on LinkedIn.

If you are—or will soon be—on Clubhouse, add these nine influential and opinionated Malaysian women to your ‘following’ list!

Maggy Wang

Radio, TV host, fitness coach and “fitpreneur” Maggy Wang created the Head Over Heels podcast to facilitate safe and honest conversations with modern Asian women from all walks of life. You can count on her to be always up for heart to heart, unpretentious and wholesome chats.

Melissa Indot

The R&B singer and songwriter is also a transformation coach, who has made inspiring body-mind wellness a life purpose. On Clubhouse, Melissa Indot is the founder of the ‘Being Curious & Fearless’ and ‘Malaysia Connected’ clubs.

Jane Chuck

It-girl Jane Chuck successfully expanded her repertoire from social media influencer to businesswoman with the success of her beauty and lifestyle brands, Chuck’s and Motherchuckers. Now, she’s added a cafe to her portfolio with the opening of Hejau in PJ’s The Gasket Alley.

Shermaine Wong

The CEO and co-founder of Cult Creative is also MD and founder of Tish Events. Shermaine Wong, in her words, is “passionate about empowering ASEAN creatives to grow their mindsets, businesses and financial futures”.

Sarah Lian

Actress and entrepreneur Sarah Lian seeks to create a community where women are able to find their own light and support one another. The co-founder of Supparetreat is also looking to connect on Clubhouse with other strong women in leadership. We recommend following Eugenie Chan too, founder of Suppagood PR and the co-founder of The Suppagood Collective alongside Sarah, for PR insights.

Ashley Suelyn

Ashley Suelyn currently juggles so many roles and ambassadorships, we can’t name them all. It’s safe to say the corporate entrepreneur, women and youth activist, TEDx speaker and spin instructor is well qualified to give advice on productivity.

Sazzy Falak

Actress, TV host, style icon and investor Sazzy Falak co-founded Womentum together with Ministry Of Marketing.Asia’s Niney Chong (who’s also on Clubhouse). The Womentum “club” is very active on Clubhouse, with chat and support sessions taking place from Monday to Saturday, every week, on the app.

Raeesa Sya

Raeesa Sya—a past BURO Digital Awards winner—is a motivational speaker and serial beauty plus tech entrepreneur. Presently a consultant to startups, she’s also a digital marketer, designer, and boss of Orkid Cosmetics as well as

Jenn Chia

You know her as @SoImJenn, who consistently goes viral on social media with videos that we can all relate to. She’s also a musician and emcee, who keeps it real with her down-to-earth humour despite having found fame.

Many more celebrities and key opinion leaders, from Malaysia and beyond, are on Clubhouse. May you find community, inspiration and empowerment from your time on the app. Good luck!