Uniqlo Lifewear Spring/Summer 2017 is anything but basic

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By Buro247

Uniqlo Lifewear Spring/Summer 2017 is anything but basic

By now, you should already know that Uniqlo is synonymous to comfortable everyday clothes. The brand’s pieces transcend trends, aiming to enrich our lives with quality wardrobe classics. So when I was invited to Shibuya, Tokyo for the Uniqlo LifeWear Spring/Summer 2017 preview, I was fairly surprised when I was told that there was going to be a fashion show. I was excited but truth be told, I was not expecting much because there is not much you can do on the catwalk with daily basics right? Well, wrong.

It seems as if the Japanese retail giant is outdid itself once again. This season, not only did Uniqlo introduce new pieces and lines, it also showcased them in a spectacular fashion show. With clothing made for everyone and everywhere, the brand made sure to incorporate these touch points in the fashion show. Depicting various scenarios and reflecting the lifestyles of Uniqlo wearers, props were moved seamlessly as the models made their way to the catwalk. Instead of modeling per se, they were seen doing everyday things such as jogging, working at the office and even spending time with their friends. There was also diversity on the runway as the models are of different ethnicities, sizes, and age, which accurately represent our society. Even though the SS17 items were simple, the chic pairings and endless styling possibilities made the runway show twice as captivating.

After the show, we made our way to the fashion booths where we had the opportunity to get up-close and personal with the new pieces. With so many lines under the brand, the pieces put on display is what one would imagine their dream wardrobe to look like. Think of it as a one-stop hub of everything you need in your closet, from the Uniqlo ‘Clean’ and ‘Casual’ lines to their ‘Active’ and ‘Relax’ offerings. If that does not say #wardrobegoals, we don’t know what will.

There are many exciting new launches to look forward to this Spring/Summer. Some of them include:


Sportswear in everyday apparel

The Uniqlo Sport lineup has been expanded to encompass a wider range of sports. Created to help enhance athletic performance for top athletes and regular individuals alike, the sportswear is both functional and fashionable. 

Easy, breezy innerwear

The deodorant functionality is now available in the Airism women’s and kids’ range. Light and comfortable, it is a wonder how we ever got by without it.

Magic for everyone

Combining fantasy and adventure, ‘Magic For All’ is a special collaborative project with Disney. Entering it second year, this season’s collection features ‘Mickey Blue’ (designs inspired by West Coast culture and Japanese indigo dyeing), content from the past 40 years of Star Wars, characters from the new Cars 2 movie and even Spiderman motifs.

A new standard for tees

In its 10th season, UT (Uniqlo T-shirts) returns to its roots by featuring pop art graphics from leading talents such as Abstract Expressionist Future and André Saraiva as well as the beautifully joyous patterns of Épice Design.


More artsy pieces

The pop art graphics did not stop at UT. At SPRZ NY, a collaboration between The Museum of Modern Art and Uniqlo, the lineup features not only T-shirts but bags, umbrellas and other items in prints inspired by the work of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Jean-Michl Basqulat, just to name a few.

Twice as chic

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Essential and sophisticated, the Uniqlo U and Ines De La Fressange collections feature basics that are anything but, well, basic. With every form made for function and every design thoughtfully deconstructed, the simple pieces spell Parisian chic.


Just like what the Uniqlo President of Global Creative, John C. Jay said at the beginning of the fashion show, “We are not fast fashion. We do not chase after decoration. We do not chase after trends. We make clothes out of respect for everyone.” And that is just exactly what Uniqlo does best.


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