H&M’s new ‘Bring It’ campaign gives old clothes a new life

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By Buro247

H&M’s new ‘Bring It’ campaign gives old clothes a new life

The Chinese New Year spring cleaning may be over but that does not mean your wardrobe cull needs to wait another year. Enter H&M’s new campaign, ‘Bring It’, a global movement part of the Swedish brand’s Garment Collecting initiative. The campaign raises awareness on the importance of garment collecting as well as reusing and recycling. The solution? Encouraging customers to bring any unwanted garments and textiles from any brand and in any condition to any H&M store all year round. By “any condition”, they do mean torn stockings, stained T-shirts, ruined sheets and even discoloured undergarments. The “useless, misfits and redundant” will then be reused and recycled to create fresh textile fibers for new products instead of going to landfills.

For years, H&M has been committed to working towards a sustainable fashion future, providing style and quality at the best price. Since its launch in 2013, H&M’s Garment Collecting initiative has collected over 40,000 tonnes of clothing—aiming to reach a total collected volume of 25,000 per year by 2020. With the goal to close the loop for fashion, the first ‘Close the Loop’ collection is introduced in 2014; a range made with recycled textile fibers. Ultimately, reusing and recycling clothing will help save natural resources and fight textile waste. {insert gallery tpl=”slide-freesize.tpl” id=”H&M ‘Bring It’ campaign” rid=”4771″ order=”a_tstamp”}

This year, to kick off the ‘Bring It’ campaign, H&M debut a brand new film directed by Chrystal Moselle. Also titled, ‘Bring It’, the film tells the journey that unwanted garments go on after they have been collected in store. Watch it below to find out how used clothing get a second chance in life:

The Garment Collecting Initiative is available in all H&M stores in all markets. Customers will receive a 15% discount voucher for every bag of unwanted garments or home textiles they bring.


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