The Primetime Emmy Awards: Most memorable red carpet looks of all time


By Stephanie Boey

The Primetime Emmy Awards: Most memorable red carpet looks of all time

The Primetime Emmy Awards is the highest accolade and recognition for American primetime television. It’s kinda like the Oscars, but for the smaller screen. The first ever award ceremony was held in 1949, but it wasn’t televised until the ‘50s. From then ’til now, the red carpet has seen countless iconic fashion moments. Lucille Ball exuded true Hollywood glamour in a mink stole while Desi Arnaz was clad in a sharp tuxedo at the Emmy’s in 1957. A little over two decades later, Mary Tyler Moore accepted the award for best lead actress in a red hot and plunging sequinned gown.

On to the more recent decades, we saw the likes of iconic power couples such as Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, also America’s former sweethearts Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Their red carpet arrival in 1999 will go down in history. They were the ‘It Couple’ of the era and were the epitome of cool in casual, nonchalant ensembles. In the same year, Calista Flockhart (aka Ally McBeal) wore a satin gold skirt, paired with a white button-down, with the sleeves rolled up and a tied front. If it weren’t for the timestamps, one would think this outfit was from the present. It is effortless, chic and timeless. This look would still totally fly 20 years later in 2019.

For more memorable looks from The Primetime Emmy Awards, swipe below:

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