Chinese New Year 2020: 12 Fashionable red-hued picks to collect (or give) ang pau in style


By Stephanie Boey

Chinese New Year 2020: 12 Fashionable red-hued picks to collect (or give) ang pau in style

We’re counting down the days to Chinese New Year! Our favourite fashion campaigns have caught us catching the huat fever. In this new decade, we’ll be welcoming a totally new cycle in the Chinese zodiac as we ring in the Year of the Rat. Our list of rat-motif fashion items to don for the new year will definitely get you up to speed with bringing in luck and prosperity. If you’re still on the hunt for Chinese New Year threads, check out what our local designers have to offer. We know it’s crunch time now so if leaving the house to shop sounds like a luxury, you may want to consider shopping online.

If you’ve ever wondered why red is the favourable colour of the season, it’s because culturally, the Chinese believe it brings good fortune and joy. You can spot the hue on many Chinese New Year decorations, such as Chinese lanterns and fire crackers, as well as the popular ang pau a.k.a. red packet. Even the lion dance mascots are most commonly coloured red.

The striking hue corresponds with fire, and symbolises happiness, passion and celebration. Excitement always follows the colour red and it’s clear why—the fiery shade brings out an instinctive reaction in us. Our eyes are drawn to it, whether it’s a striking woman in a red hot dress or a stop sign warning us to slow down. Trust the magic in red, it never fails.

Ahead, flaming red fashion picks to don as you receive (or give) red packets! Regardless whether you’re celebrating The Year of the Rat locally, or overseas in a tropical paradise or winter wonderland, there’s something for you to welcome the new year.

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