Christmas Gift Guide: For that special co-worker

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By Buro247

Christmas Gift Guide: For that special co-worker

Every office setting hosts a cast of characters who somehow fill a list of stereotypical roles—the mama bear, the grouch, the office clown—you may have encountered a few. But an experienced builder will tell you that irregular pieces that interlock form stronger bonds than stacked squares. Here, we like to celebrate the quirks that make a company colourful.

Read on for seven gift suggestions for your #WorkFam: 


For the resident eskimo:

There’s always that one person who turns the AC down to subzero temperatures. We understand that a lunchtime traipse under the unrelenting afternoon sun could work up a sweat or two, but 16°C at 9 a.m. is not cool—it’s freezing. This Judith Leiber polar bear clutch is a dozen glamourous steps up from a snow globe and it could hopefully propagate feelings of some icy winds from the North. 


For the party princess:

Dripping with sparkles and covered in a maze of sequins, a shiny Topshop fringe bead cami dress will make the perfect present for the girl who loves to party. Ultra-festive to suit the holiday season, splendid for Gatsby parties (if those still exist), and just formal enough to attend a wedding reception, a metallic dress would never go wrong for this time of year. Forget party princess, this is a disco ball dress fit for a disco queen.


For little miss tardy:

Always in a rush and albeit profusely apologetic, this one is constantly lagging behind the clock. She may operating on her own time zone so be sure to set the clock five (or fifteen) minutes ahead before gifting. With its crimson straps and shiny gold fittings, if anything is going to make her look at the time, it’s this stunning watch from the Versace Revive range.


For the forgetful friend:

“Could you please call my phone?” Heard that line before? More than once? Chances are you have a friend who suffers from chronic forgetfulness. Instead of groaning every time she can’t find that mobile of hers or hiding the phone as a lesson when she forgets (never works), why not just buy her a Prada smartphone case. The long gold chain tethers the device to the person and since it makes for quite the fashionable accessory, everybody wins!


For the thorn amongst the roses:

Here’s one for your sole-male in the office. It’s undeniably more difficult getting gifts for the men in your life, considering the less extensive product selection and higher price points. But when you find something that fulfills both form and function with such elegant ease, you splurge. A large canvas green Burberry rucksack in technical nylon and leather that would make any dapper gentleman‘s day is what we’d splurge on.


For the office grinch:

Turning “ho ho ho”s to “boo hoo hoo”s, the office grinch’s damp cloth attitude towards Christmas may have no remedy. They do say, however, that crystals possess healing properties. Perhaps, just perhaps, an irresistably adorable Swarovski rocking snowman figurine could conjure up a Christmas miracle.


For the superstar:

The over-achiever, the star pupil, and the employee of the month, this person is all of the above. Basically, they deserve a gold star. This Christmas, reward them with the ultimate gold star that would proudly adorn their lapel. We suggest: the pearl encrusted Chanel star brooch from their Cruise 2017 collection. 


Star light, star bright,

The first star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight”



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