Christmas 2019: Gifts tailored to fit your friends’ Instagram aesthetic


By Stephanie Boey

Christmas 2019: Gifts tailored to fit your friends’ Instagram aesthetic

“Doing it for the ‘Gram” has become second nature to us. We showcase our lives on our digital profiles and craft a narrative that’s synonymous to our lifestyles. Moments before the dawn of 2020, Instagram continues to reign supreme as the app of the moment. Gone were the days of ‘Friend Requests‘. It’s all about, “What’s your handle?” now. Our Instagram profiles say a lot about the lives we lead, carefully curated in tiny square grids.

In the past decade, the form in which we consume media may change (before IG, we were all hanging out on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat), but one thing remains the same no matter what the year and which platform we’re on—it’s how we connect with the people closest to us.

If you’re racking your brain thinking of what to get the people on your ‘Close Friends‘ list, we’ve come up with a 21st century approach to the gift guide debacle. Do these following Instagram profiles sound familiar? The jet-set traveller who is constantly on the go, the hypebae who’s always in the latest threads before anyone else with her fly OOTDs and the environmentalist whose championing sustainability as hard as Greta Thunberg. And, that’s just a taste. Scroll on for more Insta-personality types and gift ideas, tailored to fit your mates social media presence.

The jet-setter

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Think form and function for this constant traveller. A waterproof bucket hat in the season’s hottest animal print will appease the most adventurous traveler. Willing to splurge? A colour-block cashmere Burberry scarf will do just the trick.

The hypebae

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Change up their game. Heritage brand Lacoste is heading in a new direction with the latest Court Slam sneaker. The ultra-chunky silhouette and comfy sole will definitely pick up their fancy.

The sustainable champion

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Only the best for the environmental and socially conscious shopper. All the items above are responsibly made by brands that are in line with their strong values and principles. Mulberry recently launched their first fully sustainable tote, made at the brand’s carbon-neutral Somerset factories while Cos introduce their latest recycled silver collection whose previous lives were coins and silverware.

The social butterfly

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This friend always knows what’s up and gets the invites to all the coolest parties. Do them a solid and get them a pair of the hottest heels this season. You know they’ve been eyeing Bottega Veneta‘s latest weaved sandal.

The hipster

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One of a kind gifts for the quirky pal. Reach for unique pieces that showcase their personality. The dodo jacquard tote from Loewe is high up on our list.

The animal lover

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Thank the friend responsible for adorable baby animal photos on your feed with equally cute gifts. Know a cat-obsessed pal? They’ll love the 14-karat gold bracelet by Catbird.

The boss girl

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We all have this friend. She’s perfectly manicured from head to toe. Not a strand of hair out of place, not a crease in sight. What do you get the girl who has it all? More power statement pieces!

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