Milan Fashion Week AW17: Street-style worthy statement sleeves

Milan Fashion Week AW17: Street-style worthy statement sleeves

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Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Image: ImaxTree

Extra-long sleeves that trail along with the wind aren't going anywhere just yet — as spotted at Milan Fashion Week AW17

Tops with statement sleeves have landed a trend-blazing status quite unlike any other since 2015, potentially rivaling the advent of "chic" hoodies and cool kicks. What we love about sleeves is the myriad of ways it come in—from bell and trumpet to extra-long and cuffed. A classic shirt can be elevated in a subtle manner merely with finger-grazing sleeves, and Milan's fashion-forward majority have echoed this sentiment by wearing ensembles that include bold sleeves of all sorts. Whether it is wearing a vivid cuffed shirt beneath a winter coat (for a peek of colour) to jacket sleeves casually pushed up to show off another sleeve underneath in the same tonal palette, donning a statement sleeve is a great way to layer without looking too bulky. Other interesting details include sleeves that sport bright laces looped through eyelets (akin to a pair of sneakers), 3D-like billowy ones that are structural to boot, and classic, knitwear that come with extra-long sleeves.


Here's proof that it's time to take this finger-skimming  trend to great heights:


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