London Fashion Week SS17: Day 4 Street Style

London Fashion Week SS17: Day 4 Street Style

Loose in translation

Image: IMAxTree

The street style picks from day four boast the latest must-have silhouettes. Loosely translated, just put them on your shopping list already

Year 2016 is upon us and the celebration of the female form is translated through a silent confidence. The expression of femininity no longer needs to be proclaimed with provocative flaunts; subtlety now equates surety. In lieu of the figure-hugging garb of the early 2000s, fashion has transitioned to a notably more comfortable silhouette.

It is a common misconception that looser styles mean that the cut and fit would allow slack. The unmitigated truth, however, is that extra care needs to be taken to compensate for the apathy projected in languid and roomy looks. Pieces that accentuate the smallest part of the waist could act as reminders of the svelte curves of the woman's body despite the otherwise loose fit. On a similar topic, special attention must be paid to ensure that there is no unflattering sag at the crotch seams, shapes that skim will elongate and create a slimmer figure. Hems gently grazing the upper calves on the other hand are like flitting glances from across the room, coy and mysterious.

There is no better way than to lead by example and the styles below are exemplary. Pick a tip or two up from these street style looks, which illustrate how loose-legged trousers and flared midi skirts should flatter the figure while articulating poise.


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