How did these folks make Copenhagen Fashion Week look exactly like a fashion campaign?

How did these folks make Copenhagen Fashion Week look exactly like a fashion campaign?

Cop that Copenhagen look

Image: iMaxTree

Rain or shine, the Danish capital always brings their A-game when it comes to style

We often praise the Parisians for their effortless approach to fashion but it's about time we channel a few nods towards the Nordic folk. In lieu of the rustic joie de vivre made synonymous to the French way of dressing, style embraces a more minimalist and modernist take on the carefree way of life in Scandinavia.


When better to sift out the cream of the crop than during fashion week. During the recent Spring Summer 2018 schedule, guests took to the streets in ensembles so nonchalantly polished that they made each snapshot look like an outtake of a summer fashion spread. In compiling the images, we gleaned a few fundamental guidelines that each winning look followed. 


1) Don't complicate things: Pick a few pieces that are well made and succinctly exudes your brand. Then, keep styling fuss-free and do not over-accessorise.

2) Keep the palette clean: Stick to a colour story with your choice of pieces. Tonal dressing can be perked up with an accent item within the same chromatic-intensity.
See Look 18: Girl on right offsets her red and white outfit with a mellow yellow tee; adding something stronger like a fluorescent yellow or bright canary alternative might have ruined the temperate weekend vibe she's nailing.


Reference the gallery below for more Nordic know-how on summer style:


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