Take a step inside the Bally Animal kingdom

Roaring comeback


By Joan Kong

Take a step inside the Bally Animal kingdom

Launched in conjunction with the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Federation in 1991, the Bally Animal sneakers were created as the brand’s jubilee footwear, which ended up making its way to America, and unexpectedly became a staple of the New Orleans’ youth culture. In particular? The cultural phenomenon in the hip-hop scene. Some of its famous fans include Sean Combs, British-American rapper Slick Rick, and Doug E Fresh. Now, almost 30 years later, the Swiss label is relaunching the iconic piece, with two replica Animal sneakers—high and low top—in blue, red and black colourways, complete with 26 crests of the Swiss cantons. On top of that, accessories and ready-to-wear such as T-shirts, caps, backpacks and socks are also available in the collection. Our favourite, is the matching tracksuit that will complete that ’90s hip-hop ensemble.


Have a look at the Bally Animal collection below:

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