Men at the Met Gala 2019: All the dashingly campy looks


By Stephanie Boey

Men at the Met Gala 2019: All the dashingly campy looks

It’s that time of the year again-the first Monday of May marks the date of the annual Met Gala to celebrate launch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibit. The theme this year is Camp: Notes on Fashion, which explores the origin’s of camp’s exuberant aesthethic. The attendees are consist of the hottest celebrities, major pop culture icons and influential figures, and they pulled all the stops as they showcased their fun side with OTT and extravagant looks.

Ezra Miller literally wore two faces with a moulded mask of his own features with trippy eyemakeup to boot-he had 5 extra peepers painted on. He wore a Burberry pinstriped suit with a theatrical train and a crystal-encrusted bodice. Rivalling him as best-dressed is Jared Leto fully clad in Gucci, in a red satin tunic paired with metallic magenta trousers and silver booties for an overall sparkly sheen. We can’t decide which accessory we like best-his extravagant crystal body harness or a mould of his decapitated head.

For more camp-themed looks from the night, swipe below:

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