7 Male fashion influencers to follow on Instagram to up your style game

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By Pravin Nair

7 Male fashion influencers to follow on Instagram to up your style game

It’s an undeniably apparent fact: what we’ve all been seeing lately is the same banal, oversized T-shirt and trouser combo that has been replicated time and time again by everyone and anyone. You could take a walk down the street while simply strolling—be it while you’re shopping or even while you’re sipping your perfectly brewed cup of coffee at a cafe somewhere in the city and you’ll see what we mean.

We understand why the effects of the pandemic have caused us to reach out to more comfortable clothing pieces like the graphic and logomania tees paired with trousers, joggers or even shorts. This, however, is an overdone thing of the past. As every Instagram and TikTok fashion connoisseur knows, the key to standing out is in the incorporation of elevated items that are simple but carry a varied design language—like wearing a pair of mules instead of a beat-up pair of Chuck Taylors. That’s not to say we have anything against the staple Chuck Taylors, but a little change now and then is good.

So, as a response to the repose in effort taken to dress up lately, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to show you a few of our personal (and mainly international for now) style gurus that we’ve been looking to for some fashion ingenuity. For women, rest assured that in this age of gender-fluid dressing, you can also get ideas from here to upscale your day-to-day style.

Scroll down below to check out our favorite international male fashion influencers.

1. Charles Gross


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Born and raised in New York City, one of the many pinnacles of fashion globally, Gross began his career and pathway into fashion during his time in college. His love for leather goods—Birkin handbags in particular, alongside his ardour for minimalist clothing through the likes of COS and The Row—has amassed him close to one million followers on TikTok alone.

2. Marc Forne


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The 25-year-old fashion influencer has long been in the game of elevating his everyday style, be it on or off the red carpet. His wardrobe frequently meshes high streetwear brands like Supreme and Carhartt with high fashion names like Loewe and Raf Simons’ eponymous label.

3. Luke Meagher (aka HauteLeMode)


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Marking their relevance in the fashion world through their well renowned YouTube channel, Meagher also offers a look into the avant-garde streetwear scene through their second Instagram account, Haute Le Mess. Both accounts are exciting to browse through when looking for inspiration.

4. Rickey Thompson


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Everyone on the internet has more or less encountered the funny videos that Rickey has been posting on the internet since Vine was still a relevant media o

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