You wish you were: Liz Uy

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You wish you were: Liz Uy

Everybody wants to be Liz Uy. She has worked with prominent names in the fashion industry, she is a regular (and street style snappers’ favourite) at fashion weeks, she is friends with the stars—the list goes on. Creative director of her very own styling company based in the Philippines, Stylized Studio, Liz’s transition to celebrity styling made her a star in her own right: gracing magazine covers and starring in a reality TV series, It Girls along the way. With such an impressive résumé, it is no surprise why she has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, not forgetting her editorial-esque OOTDs and stunning travel escapades, of course. The social media darling took some time off for a chat with Buro 24/7 in this exclusive interview. 


How did you get started in the fashion industry? 

I started as an editorial assistant for Preview magazine, a publication that’s dear to my heart as it opened a lot of opportunities. Having worked with the best people and the best team in the industry is more than enough to learn the ropes. 

You have a degree in Hotel Restaurant and Institution Management. What made you decide to take a short summer course at Central Saint Martins? 

Learning is the best way to improve and excel in your craft and I did just that by taking a short course at CSM. It schooled us in on fashion branding, engagement, and how to expand and strategize my brand. 


How would you describe your personal style? 

Nowadays, I feel like my style has a lot to do with looking polished and eccentric all at the same time. I don’t know how that works but I make it happen! 

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Who or what has been an inspiration to you on your style journey? 

My best friend and one of my mentors, Pauline Juan. She’s ever chic. 


Tell us more about SyLIZed Studio. How did the idea come about? What makes a good stylist? 

StyLIZed Studio came into fruition after the success of the StyLIZed book. I am so proud to have a team of stylists under my wing who are hardworking and share the same work ethic as I do. A good stylist is always prepared, in-the-know, and quick on their feet.


How different it is, for you, to style for editorial spreads and your clients? 

First of all, they are two different things. When styling editorials, it’s all about getting lost in a fantasy where you can experiment and take control of everything. Whereas when styling a client, a lot of considerations come into place: her body type, her personality, and her branding. 

You’ve styled some of the biggest names in the Philippines. Who would you like to dress next? 

Alicia Vikander. She always looks stunning on the red carpet and is never one to shy away from high-octane glamour. Obsessed. 


You released book, StyLIZed: Liz Uy’s Ten Style Essentials in 2014. Any plans on releasing another book? 

Why not? Right now, my schedule is still packed, but sure one day. It’s all about perfect timing.


Speaking of style essentials, how has your style evolved since 2014? What are your new essentials? 

Having worked as a fashion editor and a stylist, I have been constantly exposed to various trends season after season. A sense of excitement when it came to trying and relating to trends came naturally and with that came a sense of knowing what will and what will not work for me. Quality denim will always and forever be my essential style piece. Different iterations have been made of the denim, which just proves its versatility. 

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You’ve been featured on magazine covers and collaborated with numerous brands.

What’s your favourite project so far? The Matches Fashion “Shop With” project has been a memorable one. I believe so much in e-commerce and in Matches Fashion. It’s a match made in sartorial heaven indeed! 

With 1.3 million followers on Instagram, what do you like best about being a digital influencer?

What I like best about being a digital influencer is engaging with my followers and connecting them with my work and things I love to share. 

You’re constantly in the public eye. Care to share something about yourself that not a lot of people may know of? 

I am incredibly domesticated and OCD. 


Who should everyone be following on Instagram right now? Why? 

@everyoutfitonsatc! It relives all of our fave New York City gals’ looks and is just crazy hilarious. Each photo is accompanied with a commentary on the outfit that is sure to make you double tap every single time. It’s nostalgic for every SATC-obsessed person like me. 


Do you prefer Snapchat or Instavideo? 

Definitely Snapchat. 


What about your most overused emoji? 

The heart emoji. And the smileys. 


If I were in the Philippines for just a day, where would you take me? 

I would take you to the Pangulasian Islands. Highly Instagrammable too! 


Who are your top three favourite designers? 

At the moment, Sacai, Monse, and Dries Van Noten.


If you could only carry one designer bag for the rest of your life, what would it be?  

A Louis Vuitton sling bag. It is a sleek little purse that can be worn for almost every occasion and can polish off a casual or evening look.


What is that one trend you hope that would never make a comeback? 

Normcore. It’s not for me.


What’s the highlight of your career so far? 

Being around people who share the same passion and dedication to their work is enough for me to consider it a career highlight. And I am grateful that I get to work with incredibly talented people. You can say every work opportunity is a career highlight for me. 


What’s next for Liz Uy? 

I can never tell, but one thing’s for sure: I am never not working.

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