How to: Channel Victoria Beckham’s jet-set style

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By Wei Yeen Loh

How to: Channel Victoria Beckham’s jet-set style

It’s impossible to think of the epitome of Brit-chic without Victoria Beckham in mind. The entrepreneur and creative director behind her eponymous label has shaken off the ‘WAG’ title easily with her style acumen (after a fair share of haircut changes). If there’s one thing she nails apart from creating ultra-flattering clothes and covetable bags, it’s her enviable street style game. 

If you’ve always wanted to travel like a effortlessly chic jetset, take a leaf out of Beckham’s book with these fashionable picks that will guarantee you looking fab upon touching down at your holiday destination. For those who are traveling to cooler climates, nothing stands out as much as a pair of vivid-red trousers along with a trusty coat. But if denim is your go-to for all occasions, boyfriend jeans and mules scream all-season without looking too casual. Another tip to looking immaculately dressed is to don fluid silhouettes that emanate a dressier vibe, such as pleated skirts in languid fabrics.


Below, a shopping guide for you to look one step posh-er:

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