The weird and wonderful world of street style in Tokyo

A penchant for the perplexing


By Buro247

The weird and wonderful world of street style in Tokyo

New York Fashion Week is a parade of city slickers in the trendiest new designer ware; in London an offbeat approach to style comes alive with modernist grit; Milan is where sartorial sensibilities meet vivacious self expression; and Paris exudes a nonchalant flair for melding classicism and the experimental. Here in Tokyo, you’ll find all of the above—ripped apart and reimagined, spun around in circles, then, given a good toss.


Tokyo doesn’t play by the rules. And through their rebellion, they epitomise the true meaning of street style—dismantling looks from the runway, isolating only the pieces that speak their language, then, creating an amalgam of elements that conveys not the aesthetics of one designer but rather the personality of the wearer. Their panache for the clashing colours, prints and styles may veer on the outlandish but it’s not to say that those with more reserved inclinations have nothing to learn from the Japanese.


For instance, you will see that volume is not reserved for the tall and lanky—the same way skirts and dresses don’t say females only. Matchy-matchy can be rocked by those over five and it’s time to accept that embracing colour is a way of life. If there’s only one takeaway you seek, know that it’s not just about the clothes you wear, it’s also the attitude you bear:

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