The subversive streets of Tokyo Fashion Week AW17

Weird and wonderful


By Buro247

The subversive streets of Tokyo Fashion Week AW17

In a culture that operates within a rigid framework of civility, the simple task of picking out an outlandish outfit could give an individual a small—but much needed—sense of agency.


Over the span of Tokyo Fashion Week’s Fall 2017 show schedule, the Nippon style set took to the streets in get-ups so weird and wonderful, only the Japanese could pull off with such aplomb. As we carefully skim through the fascinating gallery of looks, our minds are boggled in attempts to understand the thought process behind many an ensemble.


It appears that the ethos of mixing and matching sings to different tune out in this region of the far east. Rather, a somewhat random brand of mix-and-(mis)match sprinkled with a varied subscription to subculture seems to be the predilection. The difference lies not in the garments; as even when recognisable wares by name-brands are spotted, the styling flips them on their heads while breaking all established formulae of colour, proportion, or propriety. With this riptide of unconformity—coupled with their grasp on technology and technique—it’s no wonder that one of the world’s top fashion schools, Bunka Fashion College is based right in the heart of Tokyo.


Ahead, 64 photographs from Tokyo chronicling the social resistance that fashion affords:


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