24 Minutes with Tara Milk Tea on her Wanderlust + Co collaboration


By Joan Kong

24 Minutes with Tara Milk Tea on her Wanderlust + Co collaboration

With 1.3 million followers, Tara Milk Tea’s Instagram account has everything you love to hit the ‘follow’ button (if you haven’t already). Her colour-coordinated feed is filled with impeccable food, fashion and travel photography that is seriously #goals. After collaborating with jewellery label Wanderlust + Co for almost five years now, the Australian beauty is launching her first collection with the brand, and below, she lets us in on her design process, her favourite pieces and more.

1. How did the collaboration with Wanderlust + Co come about?

I’ve worked with Wanderlust + Co from almost the beginning of my career. It’s crazy how long it’s been. I’ve been on this career journey for about six to seven years now and we’ve been working together for about four to five years so that’s been ages. I think my first memory of the brand was probably when I was shooting one of the collections in the Chinese gardens very close to my previous home. Back then, I used to shoot in places close to home so thinking back, that evokes warm memories for me. That I’ve been working with the brand for so long and that the brand has supported me through the years means so much to me. We’ve collaborated on various campaigns, so this collaboration came about very naturally for us both. To be able to work with them on a jewelry collection at this point in my journey means so much to me—and so exciting!

2. How’s the design process like?

We created a capsule collection of seven pieces of jewelry consisting of four necklaces, two bracelets and a pair of earrings across three series of mystical designs. We incorporated star and moon motifs throughout the collection as a tribute to my love for the universe and our mutual appreciation of far flung destinations. The collection is so me but also very representative of the brand so I think it’s a really great collab!

3. Do the designs resonate with your own style? What’s your favourite piece?

I would wear the pieces every day! I specifically love the ‘Be The Light’ necklace because I love layering and with this necklace, you can just wear it on its own but it looks like you’re layering at the same time. I will wear this all day, everyday. It’s super easy and I don’t even have to think about it—it goes with everything I put on!


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4. How would you style the pieces?

The pieces are so easy to style for everyday! The Daydreamer necklace is such a versatile piece and can be adjusted depending on the neckline of your top. The matching earrings are fancy yet simple, and can be styled up or down for any occasion!
The Makes Me Wonder necklace accentuates your neck and adds a touch of elegance to any look, and the matching bracelet is dreamy yet perfect for daily wear. I’ve been styling it with the Be the Light bracelet which I’ve worn in the sulphur pool in Iceland! I’m not recommending you to do that, but the bracelet has held up so well, the quality is amazing!

5. Describe your style?

Playful, vibrant and chill all in one. I don’t know how it’s possible but that’s usually my mood.

6. What are some of your go-to accessories?

I love wearing jewellery, specifically pieces that I’m comfortable wearing with all my different outfits. I don’t change them a lot so I love styles that are really versatile. The moon and star motifs on the Be the Light necklace mean so much to me and they go with everything. I also love gold; it goes with everything I wear. A lot of people I speak to share the same sentiment as well.

7. You’ve clearly mastered the art of photography. Any tips on nailing the perfect shot?

I love to add sparkles and stars—it’s not just about capturing the scene, it’s beyond that. It’s about transporting people to different places and seeing things in a different light. I also love to experiment. A lot of time we play around and the most unexpected shot ends up being the favourite. I’m never afraid of trying something new!


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8. You’ve travelled to some of the most amazing destinations around the world. Which is your most memorable so far?

It’s so hard—I’m always about dreamy places. I love some place relaxing but that said, I also love cities. I love the sparkle of New York City or Hawaii, although they are two completely different things.


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9. It’s hard not to associate you with colours. What is your ultimate favourite shade?

White, actually. Crazy right? I love the entire rainbow but I somehow end up back at the most minimal of all. Or maybe that’s black, which I hardly wear at all!


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10. What’s next for you?

More travels while juggling a few more exciting ventures. Watch this space!


The Wanderlust + Co x Tara Milk Tea collection launches on November 1. Click here to shop now.

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