These extra comfy street style looks are the epitome of self-love


By Stephanie Boey

These extra comfy street style looks are the epitome of self-love

We’ve been talking about love a lot these past few weeks, with Valentine’s Day being right around the corner and all. We’ve covered what to gift your partner (and yourself!) as well as celebrity couple goals and their impeccable style. Dressing to the nines and looking your best is a form of self-love, but dressing comfortably is the highest declaration of affection.

They say beauty is pain, but we firmly believe there is a secret formula to looking fashionable while also being kind to your body. For starters, sneakers are a sure-fire way to be gentle to your soles (and soul). Thankfully, modern society has accepted rubber shoes as a fashion statement and for some, even prized possessions (we can thank sneakerheads and hypebeasts for this).

When it comes to shopping and picking the right fashion item, we’d approach it with the same commitment as picking a partner. The best ones are the types you’d love forever. Loose silhouettes are certainly freeing, and the opposite of restriction. A billowy blouse is a trusty companion for casual hangouts and most importantly, PMS bloat days. Silhouettes aside, choice of materials also come into play. Forget about the cold, hard, thug life—we’re all about about that comfy snug life. Fuzzy wool, plush cashmere and warm knits are heaven-sent!

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