Inside the Atelier with Bremen Wong


By Stephanie Boey

Inside the Atelier with Bremen Wong

Many Malaysians know Bremen Wong as the country’s only hat maker. His handmade avant-garde creations are nothing short of ethereal and otherworldly, combining organic shapes and architecture into his designs. His basic materials? Acrylic powder and a heat gun. Equipped with these tools, it’s amazing how he creates such extravagant pieces, all without a single sketch. “I just go with the flow”, he says.

Bremen Wong has been in the hat making business for 8 years, making countless of headgears and fascinators; most notably the golden headpiece worn by Miss Universe Malaysia 2015, Vanessa Tevi Kumares. The milliner is no stranger to the international scene too, having showcased his designs in Paris, Osaka and is a regular exhibitor at London Hat Week. The English do love their hats! Fortunately for us non-royal commoners, the hat designer delved into ready-to-wear accessories, while maintaining his signature style. “I figured if I took a piece of my hat and made something on a smaller scale, I could make something suitable for daily wear”, says Bremen. Just like his hats, every single accessory is handmade and is one of a kind, so you too, can enjoy his couture creations made affordable.

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