6 Simple hacks to avoid foggy glasses when wearing a face mask


By Joan Kong

6 Simple hacks to avoid foggy glasses when wearing a face mask

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt to the ‘new normal’, and one of it, as we all know, is having to wear a face mask when we’re out and about. While putting one on is easy (if you’re doing it the right way, that is), for those of you who are bespectacled, you’ll probably face an annoying problem—when your warm breath escapes through the top of your mask and hit the lenses of your glasses, they fog up. But fret not, there are simple hacks to avoid that.

Below, a few methods to try for fog-free glasses while donning a face mask:

Make sure you have the right fit

As mentioned above, the reason why your specs mist up when you’re donning a face mask is due to escaped hot air, hence having the right fit will let you avoid that. If you’re shopping for a cloth mask, try opting for one with a bridge that sits higher on your nose. If you’re in need of a quick solution, you can always try using your glasses to prop your mask up higher, though that shouldn’t be the permanent solution.


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Hack #1: Incorporate a nose clip

For those of you who are making your own mask, try adding a slot on top to insert materials that are moldable and more sturdy compared to the wire you find on disposable masks, such as a paper clip or a pipe cleaner. This will give a snug fit around the nose and it helps with the efficiency of the mask too.


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Hack #2: Tape it down

To close the gap between your mask and your face, taping it down helps to reduce the amount of hot air getting through. Sports and medical tapes are better choices as they are made to be used on the skin, but compared to the other tips on our list, this may not the best solution as tape can be uncomfortable on the face, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Treat your glasses

Hack #3: Wash your glasses with soapy water

This is probably the most popular trick on the internet right now. Simply wash your glasses with soap and water, and let it air-dry—or use a soft cloth or tissue to dry it. The science behind it, according to a 2011 study by The Royal College of Surgeons of England, is that this creates a “surfactant film” that helps keep your specs from fogging. That said, as regular washing is needed and some lenses have special coatings, check with your optician before you proceed, just to be safe.

Hack #4: Anti-fogging products

This is the most convenient way if you have an anti-fog spray at home. Like the trick with soapy water, just one spritz can help minimise surface tension on your lenses, which will then avoid fogging.


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Hack #5: Shaving foam

Shaving foam does the trick too. Apply a dab of cream onto your lenses, and the glycerin in it will help create a protective coating. Wash them off and dry them with a soft cloth (or let it air-dry) and you’re good to go.

Hack #6: Layer a tissue under

One of the simplest hacks of them all is to layer a clean tissue inside your mask where the nose wire is. It’ll act as an absorbent layer for the moisture from your breath, but make sure to change it regularly to maintain good hygiene!

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