Get to know Exhibit—the womenswear label by fashion It-girl Yoyo Cao


By Joan Kong

Get to know Exhibit—the womenswear label by fashion It-girl Yoyo Cao

Yoyo Cao needs no introduction. With 330,000 followers on Instagram, the petite fashionista—also known as her username, yoyokulala—has established herself as one of the top fashion influencers not only in Singapore, where she’s based. But aside from being a fashion It-girl, did you know that she first started out as an entrepreneur? Exhibit was launched in 2010 as a multi-label store featuring trendy pieces that are sourced from brands across Asia, before it evolved into a full-fledged brand as their clientele grew. The label is now complete with seasonal in-house designs, and here’s a good news: fans of the brand in Malaysia will be able to have an up-close look at the collection this weekend. Exhibit will be opening a pop-up at ShoesShoesShoes in Publika on the 4th to 5th of August from 10am to 10pm, and you can expect exclusive pieces and the full Spring/Summer 2018 collection to be sold in-store. For those of you who’d like to meet Yoyo, she’ll be there from 2pm to 6pm on both days.


Below, we had a quick chat with Yoyo to gain a better insight of the brand, and talked personal style while we’re at it:


How did you get into fashion, and how did Exhibit come about?

I’ve always had a strong inkling for fashion from a very young age, particularly because my parents often introduce me to different brands and styles. Exhibit came about because I saw a gap in-between the mass market and luxury fashion in Singapore, and I wanted to create a brand that’s accessible and wearable to Singaporeans.


How would you describe the Exhibit girl?

The Exhibit girl is always confident and adventurous, but not necessarily dressed in branded pieces.




Where do you get the design inspirations from? And what is this season’s collection inspired by?

Travelling the world inspires me with its different cultures and architecture. Exhibit’s latest inspiration came from one of my trips to Positano, Italy, where it’s filled with pastel coloured houses. I wanted women to also have a dress that’s a statement in itself—with these many details, there’s no need for accessories.




Feminism is still one of the hottest topics in fashion nowadays. How much does that resonate with you and the brand?

I always support women, that’s why I’m all for creating designs that will make them feel comfortable in their own skin without having to compare themselves to others. Exhibit also offers many pantsuits and trousers—we incorporate a more masculine style for the confident woman.


What is your ultimate goal for Exhibit?

My ultimate goal is to create accessible, wearable and practical pieces for anyone to wear on the daily.




What’s your proudest achievement so far?

Having my own article on Vogue is such a big achievement for both me, my website and my brand.


Describe your style in three words.

Minimalistic, masculine and eclectic.




What are you fashion guilty pleasures?

Shoes are my ultimate guilty pleasures—I just can’t resist them!


What’s your latest fashion purchase?

A pair of vintage Levi’s jeans from Tokyo.


A fail-proof styling tip for ladies who are always on the go?

A blazer, vintage jeans and a pair of pointy-toe shoes—it’s that simple.




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