BURO Spotlights: Coach reveals a bespoke Ramadan installation in Kuala Lumpur

BURO Spotlights: Coach reveals a bespoke Ramadan installation in Kuala Lumpur

Double the fun!


By Benedict Unang

Featured images courtesy of Coach

Coach has once again proven its prowess in crafting immersive shopping experiences, evident in its latest creation for Ramadan at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Known for seamlessly blending creativity with cultural significance, the American fashion house unveils an installation that immediately captivates shoppers from the moment they set foot in the vicinity. 

At the entrance of the award-winning shopping mall, visitors are greeted by an arresting sight—a larger-than-life Quilted Tabby bag, serving as the centrepiece of the exclusive installation. Within this gigantic creation lies a tunnel, offering a unique digital art experience. You’ll also find motifs like stars and crescent moons woven into quilted patterns. As daylight fades, the ambience shifts with the gentle glow of star-shaped lights, inviting shoppers to immerse themselves in the enchanting setting. 

An engaging element heightens the excitement of the experience, as digital gamification offers the public the opportunity to win a coveted Quilted Tabby bag. Another thoughtful touch is the free pre-packaged dates available from Friday to Sunday, allowing visitors to break their fast with a traditional Ramadan treat.

Central to the installation is the brand’s newest purpose, ‘The Courage to Be Real’, aimed at empowering individuals to embrace their true selves completely. Through a combination of physical and digital experiences, shoppers can explore the world of the Quilted Tabby bag, all while discovering fresh avenues for self-expression. 


Inside the store, Coach showcases an extensive range of offerings, from the casual denim Tabby shoulder bag to the sophisticated Harley shoulder bag. In addition to this store, other Coach locations will be turned into unique shopping destinations, drawing inspiration from the brilliant colour palette and decorative motifs of the Spring collection. All in all, the Coach’s Ramadan installation is more than a showcase of products; it embodies the label’s dedication to celebrating diversity and inclusivity while embracing the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia.



The Ramadan installation will be open to the public until April 14.

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