Closet confessions: Brian See and his obsession with sunglasses

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By Stephanie Boey

Closet confessions: Brian See and his obsession with sunglasses

Brian See has a secret—he really likes sunglasses.

If the eyes are truly the window to the soul, we say, what better way to frame them with some seriously fashionable curtains? Sunglasses can say a lot about a person, such as their style and personality, perfectly concised in a single accessory. Malaysia’s very own fashion Instagram star, Brian See knows this all too well and is thoroughly fascinated by them.

He credits sunglasses as statement-making accessories, and says they enhance his OOTDs. “I love to experiment with different styles and looks, and I think that sunglasses are a very important fashion accessory to boost my creativity”. A quick look at his Instagram profile and you’ll see what he means. He is adventurous, and indeed experimental with his fashion choices, and uses sunglasses to complement his stylish looks.

Brian sees fashion as a form of self-expression and says, “I love sunglasses because they express my mood”, and chooses his sunglasses based on his daily calendar. “If I’m going for an event, I’ll pick a bold statement piece. But on other days, if I’m just out to grab a cup of coffee, I would pick something more low-key and casual”.

Brian’s go-to for parties and events: Notice-me coloured frames and statement shapes
Brian’s go-to for casual outings: Sleek and simple shades in muted tones

When it comes to favourites, Brian names two brands in particular: Tokyo-based label, Ambush and the popular Korean eyewear brand, Gentle Monster. Both are well known for experimenting with interesting shapes and unusual motifs. “I love collecting sunglasses that are unique in design, shape and colour; and I hardly get similar types. I can say that all of my sunglasses are very special, and I just love all of them!”

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