Cara Delevingne is our new party-girl crush in Jimmy Choo’s latest campaign

In her dancing Choos


By Wei Yeen Loh

Cara Delevingne is our new party-girl crush in Jimmy Choo’s latest campaign

Jimmy Choo is giving us good reason to be excited for the upcoming holiday season. In its new ad campaign “Shimmer In The Dark”, the footwear brand has tapped British model and actress Cara Delevingne as the star for a slew of visuals and film short. Set on the streets of Los Angeles, the campaign images were captured by photographer Tom Craig, featuring Delevingne in her glitziest party gear replete with a range of dazzling footwear, including metallic Lancer pumps and embellished Moore strappy sandals. Those who prefer functionality over form can opt for the chic, rabbit fur-lined Tedi loafers for a dash of androgyny.

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In the film short directed by filmmaker Lorin Askill, Delevingne puts her best foot forward in suede crystal-studded Maine booties (that complemented her equally spangled slip dress), garnering her plenty of compliments as she struts the streets of New York on her night out. Watch our girl crush work her magic below, along with a short Q&A on her idea of a perfect Christmas:

You’re starring in the Jimmy Choo holiday campaign, what is your idea of the perfect Christmas?

Friends, family, food, feast, fiesta and obviously lots of presents!

Can you describe your favourite party season outfit of all time?

I really love to dress up—and I’m not just talking about looking nice. I do like to put on a crazy outfit and be an elf or a reindeer. Or even if I just wear a nice sparkly dress with a red nose, it’ something different and quirky-it’s not just a normal party outfit. I like to have some sort of accessory, even if it’s just horns.

How do you think your style has changed as you’ve got older and changed the emphasis of your career?

As I’ve grown up, my style has changed. I guess I wear less statement T-shirts and baseball caps and it’s more about a beret and leather jacket. I think it’s just matured in a way, but I still like to be comfortable in what I wear. 

Which were your favourite shoes from the shoot and why?

My favourite shoes form the shoot were definitely the black Maine heeled boots with the multi-coloured gems. I think they really represent cities, New York and the different coloured lights—that flashy outer layer. With New York being the city that never sleeps, they are the perfect shoes to wear and they’re also extremely comfortable.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been give and by whom?

I was remembering a piece of advice that I was given by Will Smith, who said that even though we’re actors—and this applies really whatever job you do—it’s still important to treat yourself as though you’re an athlete, especially if you work a lot and have a demanding schedule. You have to treat your body as if you were a professional athlete. Look after yourself, sleep a lot and do all the things that will help you be able to do your job to the best of your abilities.

Do you have any future career aspirations and if so, what would you still like to achieve?

I would love to continue writing whether it’s for a book or to make a film or a TV show. I’d love to get more behind the camera and hopefully be a director one day to give a voice to the women’s stories which haven’t been told—which is a lot of them.

What do you think makes you successful?

I think success is more about happiness. You know, I don’t think that it’s the best job, or the most money or the most friends that makes a person most successful. I think success comes from a deep-down happiness about who you are and what you are doing.

What do you like to do in your spare time to relax?

Sleeping is great. Sitting on my back and watching TV, especially English TV at the moment which I’m really enjoying. And just doing nice things —yoga, meditating, catching up with old friends. I have such a long move list that I need to get through.

Your friend Adwoa Aboah has just done a huge season of modelling after moving over from casting. Did you give her any advice before she made that leap?

I am so proud of Adowa. Not only has she had an incredible season for modelling, she’s also doing so much to help girls and allowing them to have a voice about things like mental illness and addiction. Just getting young girls talking, is for me, incredibly inspiring. I think we have come from the same place of wanting to help teenagers because we both struggled in different ways at that point in our lives. I don’t think I ever sat her down and gave her advice because she is extremely capable, but there have been times when we have both given advice to each other. 


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