Buro 24/7 Malaysia: A hot minute (or two) with Lewis Hamilton

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By Alyssa Lee

Buro 24/7 Malaysia: A hot minute (or two) with Lewis Hamilton

It was a well-lit evening in the Hugo Boss Pavilion store and the air was thick with anticipation. The eager crowd got on tipped-toes as participants took their positions on the grid. Cameras started flashing and it was a frenzy that ushered the man of the hour into the arena.

With almost as little time as a Formula 1 race lap and a deep breath of air, we launched right into our exclusive interview with Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton.


“Hi Lewis, thanks so much for taking some time out for Buro 24/7 Malaysia. So, we only have two minutes on the clock, things are going to get speedy – here are seven questions from Buro 24/7.”

Parallel universe, if you’re not racing, what would you do?

Be in a band.


Suiting up off the track, name three favourite Hugo Boss pieces.

A leather jacket, a perfectly tailored suit, and a white shirt… There’s nothing like a crisp white shirt.


What are three similar traits between Hugo Boss and Mercedes AMG Petronas?

Precision, attention to detail, avant garde.


The track doesn’t faze you, what’s one thing that scares you?



10 years racing, what’s the most memorable moment?

My very first time on the track.


10 years from now, where do you see yourself?

Settling down; maybe, grooming the next world champion (discreetly laughs).


Last question, weight watching aside, what’s your favourite Malaysian dish?

Definitely, roti canai!


And in the same amount of time it takes to devour a freshly tossed piece of roti canai, our session with Lewis Hamilton on ‘An Evening with Hugo Boss’ was over.

‘Twas short but sweet.


Lewis Hamilton is a three-time Formula 1 World Champion from England and team driver for Mercedes AMG Petronas. Hugo Boss entered a partnership with the team as the designer for teamwear and the Official Supplier of Lifestyle and Formal Wear Clothing. Twice a year, Hugo Boss engineers ‘Boss for Mercedes Benz’—a fashion collection featuring technical prowess and stylistic innovation. Research on Lewis Hamilton’s relationship status was inconclusive.


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