7 Minutes with Thai star Chutimon on her sneaker style and the latest Skechers D’Lites 3.0


By Stephanie Boey

7 Minutes with Thai star Chutimon on her sneaker style and the latest Skechers D’Lites 3.0

The comeback of the noughties’ most recognised trends continue to dominate the fashion scene. Logomania, belt bags and the biggest homecoming star—the chunky sneaker, remains as the biggest favourite for the season. Throwback to the late ’00s, Skechers D’Lites was the ‘It’ shoe and was a popular staple among teens back then. The ingrained memory of its thick chunky soles and vivid colourways are now omnipresent with fashion’s current fascination of the silhouette.

Skechers revisited their iconic shoe from the 2000s with a 2018 update—meet Skechers D’Lites 3.0. The redesigned block-like soles are chunkier than ever with a thicker undulated midsole, and updated leather and mesh uppers with a retro colour block. Whether you’re pro-lace or pro-Velcro, there’s definitely a colourway for you. Normcore fans will love the neutral monochromatic versions; opt with pink blush for a feminine touch or go with our favourite, the vivid colour block in black, white and green. The new sneaker is right on trend while staying true to its iconic predecessor it pays homage to, the tongue and striped details on the side are the recognisable traits from the original iteration appreciated by new and returning fans alike.

We had the pleasure of meeting #SkechersSquad member, Thai actress and Bad Genius star, Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying after she walked the fashion show by Skechers at SneakerLah 2018. Read on to find out how she incorporates the latest Skechers D’Lites 3.0 into her wardrobe.

How would you describe your personal style?Feminine with a touch of masculinity.

Who are some of your favourite style icons?I really like Liu Wen because I find that she stays true to herself. Her personality shines through on Instagram and her boyish style is very similar to mine

What’s your sneaker personality?I love a sneaker than I can wear every day, and that’s versatile enough that can take me from a casual day with my girlfriends to a night out in town.

The chunky sneaker is staying strong on the trend list. What’s your take on it?I love them for their timelessness. Their versatility also makes it easy to mix and match and I’m able to wear them every day.

How would you describe the latest Skechers D’Lites 3.0?They’re all about attitude and individuality, there’s no one way to wear it and it’s undefinable.

What’s your favourite thing about D’Lites 3.0’s design?They’re fashionable and sporty, and it’s easy to style if you’re going for an athleisure look.

Which do you prefer? Laces or velcro?I absolutely love wearing Skechers D’Lites 3.0 in laces as it stays true to the original silhouette.

How do you usually wear your chunky sneakers?I’m very boyish with my fashion sense so I usually wear my kicks with a T-shirt and trackpants, accessorised with a bucket hat and statement shades.

Check out the new Skechers D’Lites 3.0 below:

{insert gallery tpl=”slide-freesize.tpl” id=”[Стандартная] Skechers D’Lites 3.0″ rid=”6656″ order=”a_tstamp”}Skechers D’Lites 3.0 is priced at RM399 and is available at Skechers Suria KLCC, Pavilion KL, 1 Utama and Sunway Pyramid

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