7 Minutes with Rizalman Ibrahim on his Raya 2018 collection

Passage to India


By Joan Kong

7 Minutes with Rizalman Ibrahim on his Raya 2018 collection

The Rizalman for Zalora collection is arguably one of the most highly anticipated Raya collection since both brands started collaborating in 2013, and this year, it’s no different. To mark the brand’s sixth year on the e-commerce site, Dato’ Rizalman amped things up with a collection that is inspired by the capital of the Rajasthan state in India, Jaipur. Infusing Bollywood glamour into the traditional attire, expect a beautiful collection that is made of brocade, crepe, embroidered chiffon, velvet and lace, such as the lehenga-baju kurung mash-up. Tapping Malaysian actress Izara Aishah as his muse this year, scroll through for some of our favourite looks from the campaign:

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Aside from that, we also had a quick chat with Dato’ Rizalman on the collection:

1.     The Rizalman for Zalora line this year is inspired by Jaipur. How did the idea come about?

I love to travel, and when I’m on a holiday, I tend to get inspirations from all the things around me, be it culture or architecture. I was deeply moved by the city and culture of Jaipur when I went to India recently.


2.     Tell us more about your design process for the Raya 2018 collection.

We started working on the collection a year before we launch. After my team and I confirm the theme for the collection, we’ll move on to the fabrics and get the designs done, and finish off with the embellishment. We usually adhere to a strict timeline as good clothes take time. 


3.     Izara Aishah is your muse for this year’s collection. What is it about her that appeals to you the most?

I felt the chemistry between her and the collection, and she channelled the Bollywood glamour really well.


4.     You held a show at the Chin Woo Stadium to launch your Raya 2018 collection. Do you have a favourite moment?

I loved every single thing about my show, but the grand finale definitely takes the cake. The dance choreography featuring Izara Aishah—taught by Arisa Zainal—at the end was definitely the highlight of the event. Izara is a fast learner—she only had a five-day session on her own, and another three-day session with all the dancers.

 Izara Aishah at Rizalman for Zalora 2018 show

5.     Tell us something we do not know about the show.

I was still making changes at the very last minute until I was satisfied with the outcome.


The price for the Rizalman for Zalora collection ranges from RM170 to RM1,271. Shop the collection exclusively here.

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