24 Minutes with French It-girl Jeanne Damas

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By Joan Kong

24 Minutes with French It-girl Jeanne Damas

Juggling a career as a model, amateur photographer and fashion designer of her label Rouje, French street style star Jeanne Damas is the epitome of an It-girl. While she may not be as internationally recognised as some of the top influencers of the moment, her following on Instagram—655k, to be exact—proves otherwise. Known for her sophisticated style, for the upcoming holiday season, she’s partnering up with Tory Burch to give us some party tips while letting us in on her personal style.

1. What’s your first fashion memory?

I did my high school internship at Jean-Paul Gaultier’s atelier because Jean-Paul was a regular customer at my father’s restaurant. It was incredible for me to discover the fashion world through such an iconic French house.

2. Can you give us some holiday style tips?

Simple but great quality cashmere sweaters, jeans and corduroys always work. You don’t need to dress fancy, but make sure the quality is there. I also love a fluffy shearling coat to throw on to complete any look.

Jeanne Damas in Tory Burch

3. What about accessories?

I love fine jewelry and a mini wicker basket bag, especially in the winter months when people usually think a basket is just for summertime. It is very unusual but still practical.

4. What about your go-to holiday beauty look?

Nothing on the skin except for very, very good moisturizer, which is important as the cold air can dry your skin. I also love to use an eyelash curler. Then, I apply some light lipstick (important to dab it on with your fingers for a natural result) and finally a light shimmer or gloss on my eyes and cheeks.

Jeanne Damas in Tory Burch

5. What’s the most memorable party you’ve ever been to?

The best parties are with my family and friends either in the south of France, or at an apartment here in Paris. We light the fireplace, turn on old tunes to dance to, drink wine and have lots of amazing food like warm camembert, fresh baguettes, terrine and fruit tarts. It’s all about the atmosphere and people you surround yourself with. That makes the best holiday party.

6. Favourite party ice-breaker?

Good food and good wine. It always helps to bring people together.

7. A night out in Paris vs. a night out in New York?

In Paris, it is usually a house party in an apartment with a bunch of friends. We start with dinner and finish with dancing until 5AM. When I am in NYC, I love to have a sunset barbecue on a rooftop or garden in Brooklyn, and then find a cute bar and meet new people and friends.


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