Tory Burch Autumn/Winter 2022 collection in photos

High above the Big Apple's glittering cityscape, Tory Burch’s first nighttime show took place on the 25th floor of the Hudson Commons. How fitting it was that the collection debuted on Valentine's Eve––it was a love letter to the American city, with a runway set framed by the historic neon marquee of The New Yorker Hotel. “The Fall/Winter 2022 collection started with women in New York City. Unique individuals who catch our eye in fleeting snapshots," the eponymous designer said. "We explored this through the lens of shape, geometry, color and convertibility. A study in contrasts: tailored and deconstructed, opulent and spare, surrealist and sporty. The spirit of American sportswear is the through line connecting our seasons. Optimism and ease balance the collection’s heightened sense of luxury.” See every look now.


By Kelly Lim

Tory Burch Autumn/Winter 2022 collection in photos