The best of NYFW AW19 day 7: Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs


By Stephanie Boey

The best of NYFW AW19 day 7: Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs


Michael Kors

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Who: The front row saw many famous faces. Silver screen sirens Priyanka Chopra, Olivia Wilde and Kate Hudson were decked out in the designer’s threads. Malaysia’s own Siti Saleha was spotted too, and was clad in a black motorcycle jacket and a paisley-embroidered fringe dress from Michael Michael Kors Holiday 2019 collection as she met the man of the hour.

Where: Held at Cirpriani’s on Wall Street, the space was transformed into an old-school ballroom to evoke major throwback vibes. Velvet curtains and disco balls decorated the majestic set to recreate Studio 54 in the 1970s.

The low-down: The collection was inspired by Michael Kors’ first time at the famous nightclub in 1977. He reminisces that “there were no fashion rules, no dress code — people wore whatever they wanted, and it was almost always something glamorous and over-the-top”. The height of ‘70s glam was seen with fluffy feather boas paired with slinky satin slips, crinkled leather jackets trimmed with shearling while the high shine from the foil and sequins that decorated the party dresses rivalled with the disco ball. For the finale, Barry Manilow serenaded the audience with a surprise performance with his famous “Copacabana” hit from 1978 to close the night.

Buro loves: Michael Kors successfully conveyed the confidence, attitude and effortless sex appeal that came in hand with the 20th century’s most glamorous era. The decade was all about dance and disco, and each look that hit the runway was made for it.


Marc Jacobs

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Who: ‘90s supermodel Christy Turlington graced the runway and much to our delight Lindsey Wixson is back to frequenting the catwalk after lifting her hiatus last year. Over on the side of the audience, Venice Min was in attendance and served up a glittery ensemble layered under high-waisted tangerine trousers.

The low-down: Comprised of 40 looks, this season was a smaller collection but very carefully considered. The styling boiled down to each girls’ individuality and “our vision of who each of these women are”, Marc Jacobs revealed on Instagram. The makeup was purposefully bare and natural to highlight each model’s beauty and the poetry of the clothes. More is more — oversized was the key theme for Autumn/Winter 2019. Seen on the lapels cut into a sharp trapeze woollen coat, exaggerated pussybows that hung past the hips and high neck collars that reached upwards at the ears.

Buro loves: The “go big or go home” approach. Each look was memorable on its own, as well as the feathered dresses and accents that a decorated the beanies worn by the models. Take a bow Marc Jacobs, what a beautiful brilliant end to New York Fashion Week.


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