NYFW SS19 day 3: Self-portrait, Longchamp and Area


By Stephanie Boey

NYFW SS19 day 3: Self-portrait, Longchamp and Area


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Who: Instagram royalty Aimee Song, Kim Cam Jones and Leonie Hanne were clad in Self-portrait’s ruffled creations as they sat in the front row.

The Low-down: Designer Han Chong presented his show invite in the form of a reusable metal straw—the new necessity with the pressing plastics issue. The Malaysian-born designer is known for his feminine cocktail dresses high on texture and mixed fabrics, in subdued neutral hues. This season, Han Chong ventures deeper into the colour spectrum (using a palette inspired by a trip to Ibiza) and bold, graphic prints. No stranger to the cold shoulder trend, Han Chong played with asymmetry which also extended to what appears to be a one-piece swimsuit in camel—a first for the designer.

Buro Loves: Can’t decide between two dresses? How’s this for styling idea: wear them both at once.



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Who: British socialite Poppy Delevingne, model citizens Soo Joo Park and Kendall Jenner (who also happens to be the new face of the brand) and ’90s supermodel Kate Moss sat in the front row. Actresses Awkwafina and Priyanka Chopra too, graced the show.

Where: Held at World Trade Centre, this is the brand’s first time at New York Fashion Week. What prompted the decision to go to stateside this year? “We chose New York as we are inspired by the energy and freedom of the city”, said Creative Director Sophie Delafontaine.

The Low-down: This year marks the 70th anniversary of the French heritage brand. For Spring/Summer 2019, Longchamp was inspired by the free-spirited woman. According to Delafontaine, she is “elegant but with a touch of eccentricity—and wildness!” Think ’70s inspired bohemian chic—leather fringe, feathered earrings and gladiator sandals take the stage.

Buro Loves: We called it (click here and here for evidence), leopard print is making its way back on the runway and into your closet.





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Who: The NYC-based label founded by Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczyk, making waves and dressing celebs like Bella Hadid, Cardi B and… Beyoncé, who donned their stretch-lamé bra and hat to celebrate her 37th birthday.

Where: The rooftop of New Design High School, an innovative public school located in the Lower East Side that aims to empower its students with skills, tools and the capacity to excel in the creative field.

The lowdown: The budding young brand is not just youthful in age but in spirit. The opening look—a tuxedo shirt embellished with rhinestone macrame, paired with a clear PVC skirt is a playful take on the traditional black tie attire. The macrame didn’t stop there. Weaved strings decorated t-shirt dresses and jackets for an added literal flair. Area continues the surge of the bike shorts with ruffled hems and leather iterations.

Buro Loves: The refreshing tones of forest green found in the plunging jacket dress and the asymmetrical ruffled tube with a cascading train.

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