MFW SS19 day 4: Salvatore Ferragamo, Stella Jean and Missoni


By Stephanie Boey

MFW SS19 day 4: Salvatore Ferragamo, Stella Jean and Missoni

Salvatore Ferragamo

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Who: Pegged the “shoemaker to the stars”, Salvatore Ferragamo’s name became synonymous to comfortable leather shoes. Loyal customer and theatre legend Judy Garland had a pair specially designed just for her-the Rainbow sandal.

The Low-down: The new women’s creative director Paul Andrew is very much a shoe man, and has admitted to it. As WWD reports, “he was candid about his expertise being in shoes, not clothes, and there’s a learning curve”. The previous head of women’s footwear did what he knew best and designed the collection from the foot up, and dove into the archives for inspiration. The woven derby shoes on roped midsoles and purple knee high boots were the key-standouts.

Buro Loves: The hankerchief hems on dresses and skirts sashayed its way into our hearts and the collection proved a strong case for beige, tan and khaki by wearing all coordinating shades at once. Also, the overalls with the bib folded down under a tailored jacket is a look worth experimenting.

Stella Jean

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Who: The Haitian-Italian designer is passionate about maintaining ethics in fashion, spreading counter-colonisation and inspiring multiculturalism.

The Low-down: The designer traced the origins of the Brazilian Bahia women’s costume to Benin in West Africa, where she worked with the organic cotton industry and artisans. Her journey and travels during this pilgrimage was documented through a short film-watch it on Instagram here.

Buro Loves: The fun and colourful prints provide a mood-booster on its wearer and observer. The flouncy circle skirts inspired by the Bahia were paired with Stella Jean’s mannish shirts-the brand’s signature but our main takeaway are definitely the shoes. The tasseled jewel-toned slippers and backless block heels supported by neon elastic take the cake.



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Where: Guests were seated at café tables on a veranda for the late-evening show while pianist Michael Nyman serenaded the crowd.

The Low-down: 2018 marks Missoni’s 65th year in fashion. Founded in 1953 in Gallarate, Italy by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, the couple built a company using their strength in knitting. The signature chevron print only made a few appearances during the show, with a more relaxed take on the zig zag. Gossamer knits, sheer netting, lightweight tunics and kimonos in neutral shades of ecru set the scene for a laidback retreat.

Buro Loves: The mismatched seashell earrings threaded through oversized hoops for the water baby.

MFW SS19 day 4 in 10 pictures:

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