#BUROSupportsLocal: Malaysian handmade jewellery that’ll make the perfect gift this season

#BUROSupportsLocal: Malaysian handmade jewellery that’ll make the perfect gift this season

Made in Malaysia

Text: Stephanie Boey Kelly Lim

Shop small and support local with these handmade Malaysian jewellery brands

With Christmas right around the corner, you may be frantically looking for a last-minute gift. No judgement, we've all been there. In the spirit of the festive season, what better way to tick one more present (or two) off your list and give back to the community by buying from small, local businesses? We can't think of a better way to spread some joy and love than by gifting a unique piece of homegrown jewellery that's been handmade with care. They also make great stocking stuffers too! 

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From dainty and durable pieces of Margot & Bijou to Monclay's fashion-forward clay accessories, find our pick of the best homegrown, handmade jewellery brands to shop below:

Margot & Bijou

Launched last November, Margot & Bijou have been making their rounds in the Instagram-sphere with their dainty and durable jewellery. If you like simple yet sophisticated adornments (as does your giftee), you'll love their rolled gold jewellery decorated with genuine pearls and shells. 


Anting by Camilla

As the name suggests, this Malaysian brand makes earrings! But that's not all they have in their repertoire, Anting by Camilla also makes rings, bracelets and necklaces to complete your Secret Santa's jewellery list. Using semi-precious stones and proud to be ethically made in Sabah, you can count on this local brand for a magical Bornean charm.


Sangon & Co

Another proudly Bornean brand, Sangon & Co aims to "bring out your Bornean vibe" with their handmade jewellery, which may be exactly what your giftee needs this Christmas. They use classic ocean-themed ornaments like freshwater pearls and shells, but update them with an urban twist by mixing materials with the likes of '90s vibin' letter beads!


The Petal Archive

Awaken your Secret Santa's inner flower child (and yours too) with The Petal Archive's handcrafted jewellery made from real blooms. They pick the prettiest flowers, press them into custom-made bezels and voilà—you have florals frozen in time to be worn forever! Available as bracelets and necklaces in silver and gold, not only are they timeless, but they're perfect for every romantic.



'90s beaded jewellery is having a massive moment in the fashion world. Jump on the bandwagon with Sourgumme's colourful, floral designs! Their fun colourways add a definite kitschy pizzaz to any ensemble and make a good conversation starter. Additionally, their floral strips can be worn as chokers, bracelets and even anklets! Looking to customise your own design? They're happy to help. 


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Founded last year, Monclay's polymer clay accessories are "imperfectly imperfect", and no argument there—perfection is boring! And it's these tiny imperfections that make each piece unique. Looking at their designs, their shapes are a mixture of fluid and organic, structured and geometrical; so we trust that every fashion-forward fan will find something they resonate with. 



The internet cannot get enough of beaded jewellery, and TBH, we stan. If you're looking for a small yet mighty Malaysian business to support, Sha of Kalbu creates original, one-of-a-kind pieces that range from adorable fruit and vegetable earrings ("if you can't eat your greens, wear them") to intricate, lace-silhouette necklaces entirely woven by hand. She also mixes opal stones, quartz crystals and pearls to create gorgeous, mermaid-like chains that'll add a statement to any outfit. 



Founded by Gen-Z jeweller Evan Yap, WearMaSquad has cultivated a following among KL's cool fashion youth with good reason. From angelic cherub pendant necklaces to edgy silver earrings, their jewellery bring together found items of unexpected elements with the founder's own chrome designs. You can also customise your own piece from scratch.   


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